Dr. Greenberg has been a bicycle enthusiast since he was a young boy. His love of bicycles is never more evident than here at the office. An extensive collection of bicycle ornaments, cards, and tchotchkes have been gathered over the years, many of them coming from his patients. Can you find the photograph of Dr. Greenberg on his tricycle when he was five years old?

He enjoys cycling because as a child it gave him a sense of freedom to explore his surroundings. As an adult a way to unwind from the days’ stresses while enjoying the beauty of the California outdoors as well as the knowledge that it maximizes cardiovascular and mental conditioning. Our wonderful California climate lends itself to do this all year round. The low impact is a good source of exercise for those suffering from arthritis or back pain, as well as a great family participatory event. Dr. Greenberg encourages all to get out there and do exercise that they enjoy, regardless of what it is, for a happier, healthier lifestyle.